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Kung Fu

Traditional forms of Chinese martial art are trained for coordination, balance, concentration, perfection of movement, meditation, discipline, and self defense. They are beautiful, powerful and amazingly effective. Many of these wonderful forms date back as far as the 1600′s, relating to the eras of Hayden, Bach, Mozart and later Beethoven. We diligently treat these relics with high honor and with an unwavering desire to preserve them – for the sake of their history and old traditions.

Tai Chi Ch’uan

Grandmaster Baird performing a staff form

The story goes that a highly skilled Monk by the name of Chang San-Feng left the Shaolin temple and traveled to the Wu-Tang Mountains.  It is there that he became fully absorbed in the rich nature of Taoism and its Way.  He was a man of great wisdom with an “arched back” and a “figure of a crane”.  Many considered those as signs of greater intelligence and character… (continue reading)

Children & Teen Kung Fu Program

Our children’s programs are second to none. We teach our students using a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build self-esteem, confidence, discipline, positive attitudes and values. We realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are many additional benefits to be gained by involving a child in a martial arts program. (program details)

Tai Chi Push Hands

There are many names for this training and hundreds of styles these days employ it in their martial art programs. Push Hands is a challenging art (drill), where the opponents touch each other to start and then play for superior position where one can find the perfect opportunity to push and/or strike the opponent. It is also played for joint locks and takedowns.

Chi Kung

This is a wonderful study of meditative breathing techniques combined with physical motion which can greatly improve one’s health, and vitality. These techniques date back hundreds of years and are routinely studied by students of martial arts as well as by members of naturopathic medical schools. The healing properties of chi kung are applied by Doctors of Chinese Medicine not only in China, but through-out the world. Often, masters of martial arts are also familiar with the healing aspects and applications of chi kung – using their skills for the benefit of their students and community in general.


Tai Chi Sword, staff, cane and rope are a few of the weapons presented in our class schedule. While these are effective weapons for self-defense, our primary motive is to train them for the sake of their historical importance and enjoyment.


Our main studio offers karate in Burbank, but we have a dojo in the Antelope Valley as well.