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Grandmaster Don Baird, of the American School of Martial Arts, offers insights to various aspects of his kung fu style as well as martial arts in general. He will also, from time to time, have a guest write a post to include their ideas, thoughts and quaint stories. Grandmaster Baird teaches students of all ages the art of kung fu in Burbank, Ca.

Academy of Kung-Fu – Palmdale
If you live in the Palmdale area, you’ll be happy to know we have a studio there, too! Check out http://www.martialartspalmdale for more information on how we serve the martial arts needs of the Palmdale community.

American School of Martial Arts: Burbank Google+ Page!

The Google Plus page for our Burbank location. Learn karate in Burbank from a true Grandmaster.

American School of Martial Arts: Palmdale Google+ Page!
The Google Plus page for our Palmdale location.

Photography of Grandmaster Baird
Photography has been one of Grandmaster Baird’s passions since he was old enough to hold a camera. His father was an amazing photographer with his own darkroom and equipment. Master Baird tagged along with his father quite a bit learning all he could about photography. He believes it opens ones eyes and heart to the world. Click this link for some previews of his work. Feel free to drop by his long list of photos at

Recording Artist
Grandmaster Baird is a studio muscian and has played for most major studios. These days he writes and performs his own music and gives Master’s Classes in clarinet performance techniques and skills.
He has produced 7 cds in as many years and still working on a few more projects soon to be out as well. Click this link to enjoy some snipits of his music. You can also find him listed at CD Baby at this link:

Peaceful Mind Kung Fu Association
This association began as an inside group only allowing direct students of Grandmaster Baird to be members. In the coming year Master Baird will be reaching out to the Martial Art community at large and opening membership to all martial artists who share the core values of peace and harmony. The website will be going under some major changes and hopefully bring the association to life in a much larger picture than in the past. He hope to touch many lives across the world with the basic principles of unconditional love and forgiveness. That’s been his mantra his entire life: it will be so until he dies.

Twitter Feed
Grandmaster Baird pops in and out of twitter with little comments and thoughts. It’s kind of a prequel to the launching of his blog. They are working hard to get it ready and online. Won’t be long now. Pop in and enjoy sharing thoughts with Master Baird.

The official ASMA Facebook page.

Grandmaster Baird’s Scribd Page

Scribd- More writings by Grandmaster Baird

Thumbtack Spotlight Interview
A interview with Grandmaster Baird about the American School of Martial Arts (see the right side of the linked page).

Ezine Author Grandmaster Baird
Grandmaster Baird’s Ezine Articles

Don Baird, Basic Author

Grandmaster Baird on

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