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In 2008, Don Baird was approached by Inside Kung Fu magazine to develop a set of self defense DVDs aimed at both police officers and civilians. By leveraging his mastery of Kung Fu and his countless hours of experience as technical adviser for the Burbank Police Department, Grandmaster Baird created the two-volume Hands On: Police Defensive Tactics.

Police Defensive tactics 1
Police Defensive Tactics: Volume 1
Police Defensive tactics 2
Police Defensive Tactics: Volume 2
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Watch a preview of Volume 1 on Youtube!


Amongst his many other talents, Don Baird is a prolific writer, publishing four books on philosophy. His books delve into the nature and purpose of human existence, and the methods of living a better life. Don writes with the style of a poet and the thoughtfulness of a monk, with perfect simplicity and grace.


Haiku Wisdom:
Living the Principles and Philosophies of Kung Fu, Haiku, and Nature


Both born of ancient masters, the unique blending of Haiku and Kung Fu in Haiku Wisdom, gives us a seamless guide to exploring our human existence. With careful attention to the minute detail and beauty of nature, Don Baird brings us on a magical journey of perception, introducing us to the miracles of our souls, hearts, minds and world. By using the allure of haiku mixed with the elegance of martial arts philosophies, he allows us to open our eyes to our own journeys, where we may begin to revel in the grandeur that is our life.


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Transcending The Void


Transcending the Void is the embodiment of the philosophy of T’ai Chi. This book teaches you how to Participate in Life’s mystery with Understanding and Acceptance.


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Don Baird, composer/performer, has recorded for many of the major movie studios such as Disney, Warner Bros. and MGM. He has been playing clarinet since age 7 and a little easy piano here and there over the years. Piano is very relaxing to him and is also his medium for composing songs without words.

At a very successful point in his music life, Don broke his right hand so severely he could no longer play clarinet. Playing for Warner Bros., Disney and other studios was over in a moment. Seven years later, Don inherited his brother’s piano. He began to tinker with it and compose songs without words. In less than 3 months he had written 17, and by the end of the year, over 50!

In a miraculous way, his hand was healing. It dawned on him when he was playing an octave on the piano, that he might finally be able to reach the keys of his clarinet…and he could! Once referred to by a Julliard jury as the “Heifetz” of clarinet, he was finally playing again…

Piano Opera

Don has been playing music since he was about four. Both of his parents played piano but he took a turn early on and began playing the clarinet. By the time he was 23, he was recognized as one of the leading young clarinetists in the United States. A Julliard staff member referred to him as the “Heifitz of clarinet” after hearing him perform.

One of Don’s favorite past times is writing songs …. songs for piano without words. He recently began recording these songs and producing CDs of them. The Piano Opera is the fifth CD of this nature.

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The Wandering Clarinet: Music for Tai Chi Meditation

This CD, Wandering Clarinet, is an evening with Don (and his Clarinet) ad-libbing a wonderful musical journey… flawless music flows from his mind and hands depicting nature’s treasures and secrets. Some of the perfect settings for this music are meditation, massage, Tai Chi Ch’uan, and Yoga.

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Where Love Begins

A classical clarinetist by trade, Don enjoys writing romantic songs for piano that have strong melodic lines…. you know the kind………. one’s you will be caught humming later in the day. He plays them in a simple way that keeps the melody in the forefront….. allowing nothing to interfere with their simple beauty.

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Aria of A Butterfly

Songs for Piano without words that have a romantic, classical feel.

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Piano Scape: A Musical Meditation

One evening, Don was in a meditative mood and decided to see how it might come out on the piano. Recording live, straight to the CD burner, he recorded this CD, “PianoScape.” In a musical meditation, he went on a journey and has invited all of us along.

Using unusual tonalities and variances of tempo, Don weaves his listener into a wonderfully relaxed state, freeing the conscious mind of feeling the need to participate or even keep up.

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