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Chi Kung

Chi Kung

There was a time when it was not only natural but revered when someone could touch another to heal. Not hiding in caves or under aliases an ancient healer could walk the streets with appropriate pride and honor. Thousands of years of understanding and study poured out the hands of loving souls called Masters, Teachers, Essenes, Christians and numerous others………… healing people of countless afflictions.

Chi Kung is one of those ancient arts that was able to hold-on throughout the ages. It was never burnt at the official stake but, of course, it was challenged by corporate medical moguls who were and are today in the business of making money. Quite a contrast when you consider that the early Chi Kung practitioners lived on donations of food and clothing…………in temples where they trained many hours a day to develop their skills.It is an art that was learned empirically and documented as the years went by. Trying and failing…………….. studying and succeeding…………….. the art formed into a massive practice that healed nearly anything in its path. But the corporation hovered.Today, although used in all major hospitals in China on a routine basis, it is still denied an honored place in mainstream America. Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Accupressure and countless other healing arts are based on the principles of Chi Kung; and yet, Chi Kung has never been openly accepted.

It’s such a wonderful study. Breathing and coordinating the breath with movement is its way. Relaxing the mind and letting go of stress are but a couple of its endless benefits. There is a deep fulfillment in the Chi Kung realm. The student maturing into a healer becomes an effective resource in the community and its needs. Trained in esoteric philosophy, practical wisdom, intuitive arts the Masters of the past and the present dedicate their lives to others so the community would be strong. And within the healer the true kingdom of love flourishes.But, as they say, “it ain’t easy”. Not because the exercises are overwhelming: not because they were hard to remember; but rather, because people are impatient. In modern times, it seems to have become harder for people to stay with the things they choose. They want to learn tennis overnight, be a black belt in a “quickie” course……… achieve their dreams yesterday. The process and joy of that process has been all but lost in our country.

We’ve become a bottom line country where result is more important than process. Talk about a cancer.Societal cancer is the most dangerous disease of all. It undermines the real value of culture and leaves it with a stripped to the bone structure where process and its pleasure cannot survive. And, few seem to care!! Bottom line………………….. shortcuts………………….. tricks………………. manipulation to success. Cancer flourishing in America.But, we as a group can effect small change. We can train and enjoy Chi Kung in our temple and make a difference in our lives right here. And by doing so, we bring back the flavor of the past and a depth of character for the future.

Kung Fu and Chi Kung are wonderful tools for self development. They are truly ancient practices that are as important and effective today as they ever were. They simply need people to participate in a sincere way and let the process of their magic have its way. But it takes time: it takes patience. And, it requires correct mentality. In the end, we study and hope to heal ourselves at minimum. Yet, doesn’t the thought of helping and assisting the healing of someone else lure you? What a thought………………… dream.

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