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Clarity in Chaos

Clarity in Chaos

It seems that chaos is the greatest challenger to true inner peace.  Chaos imparts confusion rather easily to the psyche of the human mind.  And beyond, chaos in its endless forms begins to dominate more of society, families and its individuals.

Instead of being “peaceful”, people are finding “peace” through “distraction”.  The television is a perfect example of that.  Something of a babysitter…. something of a distraction (which may bring temporary peace into the mix of chaos) disguised as entertainment….. but we know better…… it’s really adding to the chaos and from hints to demands, you are to buy new products etc……. television’s ultimate goal – an ultimate sales tool.  But worse, it tries to manipulate who you are and what you believe.  It gives you one liners that are designed to “stick” and soon….. public persuaded.
I suppose, four hundred years ago, there was also chaos.  Most likely that of just trying not get killed by someone!  Marauders, bandits, thieves and on and on were all poisonous dangers to civilians, servants and farmers.  Chaos wasn’t subtle:  it was more direct and in your face.  Yet, it could be often solved by a swift sword or martial technique.

Today, chaos doesn’t always attack the body.  Most often, it’s target is the mind, the family unit, finances….. and on and on.  It fatigues even the strongest minds because modern chaos targets them and is relentless in its pursuit.

Studying Kung Fu is our only weapon, it seems, that deals with this directly and powerfully.  It wields a strength:  it wields a confidence.  These aspects are just two of many positive attributes students will receive from training authentic, traditional Kung Fu.

It’s not an over night instant gratification “new deal” though.  It’s a long, arduous path to self-perfection which brings the beauty of strength and confidence amongst many other traits a student will obtain from sincere training.

In the end, the goal should be to find clarity in this chaos;  to find the simplicity in chaos so that chaos itself is rendered neutral without power.  In the midst of it all, peace arises out of the defeat of chaos.  Lives are harmonized:  families are strengthened.  Jobs and bosses are smoother while home life and sharing times with the spouse and kids becomes a joy again.

Study Kung Fu diligently.  Study yourself even more.  Put it all together and spend an abundance of time doing it.  You will be blessed that you did.

Grandmaster Baird

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