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Adult Class

For ages 13 and Up.

  • 1 h

Class Description

The adult class includes training in animal techniques (traps and tricks), grappling (joint manipulation and take-downs), classical forms (patterns), and chi kung health arts. We also teach the Yang 32 step sword form, 2 staff forms, and a cane form. Traditional Chinese kung fu techniques are trained for coordination, balance, concentration, perfections of movement, meditation, discipline, and self-defense. They are beautiful, powerful, and uniquely effective. A few of these techniques are 1500 years old or more! Others were popular during the lives of Hayden, Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. We treat these techniques with high honor escorted by an everlasting desire to preserve them – for the sake of their history, ancient traditions, and cultural impact. We also train ancient Push-Hand skills that are widely found in Tai Chi systems around the world. Push Hands builds a strong self-defense foundation in an atmosphere of friendly application training.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • American School of Martial Arts - Wake Forest Kung Fu Inc, North Main Street, Wake Forest, NC, USA


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