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Tai Chi

For ages 13 and Up.

  • 1 h

Class Description

There are many family styles of Tai Chi which include the Sun style, Wu style, Chen style, and the Yang style. These are a few of the more popular styles that were developed over time. The Yang family Ta’i Ch’i Ch’uan is the style presented at our school, Wake Forest Kung Fu. Though the Chen family style pre-dates the Yang form, it is the Yang family form that became the most popular system of Tai Chi in the world and remains so today. We teach this art with loving respect and appreciation for Sifu James Wing Woo, Grandmaster Baird’s first and most influential Tai Chi Grandmaster.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • American School of Martial Arts - Wake Forest Kung Fu Inc, North Main Street, Wake Forest, NC, USA


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